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Data Driven 


" In god we trust. All others must bring data."

W. Edwards Deming

Who we Are

"Innovation fueled ... results oriented"

Creative Cube have been providing marketing related products and services for the past 5 years. Innovation fueled and results oriented, we continue to grow as a company incorporating proven systems to benefit our customers.

Our company provides brand recognition, product/service and customer engagement related solutions. We utilize data driven methodologies that fuels structured decisions in all aspects of a project, be it a marketing campaign, event/trade show design, product distribution, service enhancement or even for a signage creation.


Via the strategic use of data and our diverse creative team, we have been able to give companies the opportunity to effectively make successful impacts with their image, sales and overall relationship with their target markets.


How it works

The use of varying types of data be it customer, environment, trends, et cetera have been in use for a very long time to guide process decisions. Gathering of data and methods used have grown since the use of a census, to service subscription entries and use of service e.g. Telephone landlines or cable entertainment, to now the availability of self-offering of information provided through various social media platforms.

We now have access to automated methods and technologies to acquire information, manage and track data and give usable insights based on calculated analysis.  At Creative Cube we have developed the efficiency and art of personalizing our client’s requests by bridging this formatted data with analytically guided multiple media options materialized with the creative input that is carefully researched to be psychologically impactful and brand engaging.

Our current solution based services are categorized below.




Solutions we offer 

Data Research

Organic & Technology based

Data Analysis

Strategic Processing of Information

Data Management

Storage, Security, Scalability

Business Services

Procurement, Recruitment, Advisory


Brand Creation & Management

Social Media

Interactive online marketing


Brand/Product Marketing


Copy write, proof reading, et al

Event Planning

Trade Show, Product launch

Print Design

Profiles, Magazines, Ads

Concept Design

2D/3D visuals/specs

Motion Graphics

Infographics, Product & Brand 


Professional videography & editing


Signage, Booths, Accessories


Multiplatform Websites & Apps


Online or Offline app creation

Our Clients

Our Mindset

Solution based approach

Clients come to us usually requesting a media item to market their company’s offerings. With our combined experiences within the corporate and creative environments, we know that a well designed flyer, website, billboard or television ad can be a wildcard. This means no certain guarantees on the Return of Investment or that it will meet its targeted reach.We believe in strategy and we understand that to make strategic decisionsdata from the right sources are integral to the final output design and where/how it is effectively targeted. Our mindset strives on effective completion and as such we follow up post final output release to review the level of success and use this data for the client’s other campaigns.


Privacy & Environment Awareness

Creative Cube Company Ltd respects the privacy of all individuals and take great caution in the methods we adopt to acquire, use and store data. Whilst our company use various systems for data collection, we ensure a protocol of ethics is employed so as not to infringe on anyone's inherent rights or maliciously misuse that data outside of the purposes stipulated during collection phases. Data is stored on secure servers, that is accessed securely. While we have limited control over our third party sources of data or related software, at best we maintain our ethical stand on how it is handled.

Also, we have embraced where possible to be a eco-aware company, significantly eliminating unnecessary use of paper, or machinery that strains the wellbeing of our environment.


Piecing it together


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